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Providence Wholistic Healthcare is a comprehensive natural family medicine and acupuncture clinic. We offer a full-range of holistic health services – dietary evaluation, nutritional counseling, Chinese and Western herbal therapies, homeopathic medicine, mind-body counseling, body therapy & acupuncture; holistic health care grounded in the medical science and aimed at correcting imbalances, promoting optimal health & wellness, and preventing disease for each individual.

We look forward to serving you.

“Dr. Sheila and Carol –
As you continue to spend your lives serving others, making us feel special and whole, I wish for you all that is peaceful and safe.
Continuing to serve others with such caring and sincerity makes so many people better, your patients and their families are truly blessed from your service…
Sincerely grateful for your caring wisdom.”


“Insightful, informed, reflective.
Responsive, restorative, and affirming.
Compassionate, comprehensive, care.
Determined, dedicated and unwavering in their commitment to, “get you well”.
Providence Wholistic Healthcare, with doctors Froderman and Seng, are a true gift for those seeking health, healing, and wellness.
With utmost respect, confidence, and gratitude.”

The Ladies Garofalo

Wakefield, R.I.

“I’ve been going to Dr. Sheila for 16 years. Bowen treatment helps to maintain my scoliosis and relieves me of daily back pain. Very gentle & therapeutic. Highly recommend for any type of chronic ailments.”


“A very thoughtful and caring practice, never feels like you have anything less than their undivided attention.”


“I am a 54 year old woman who – for the past 13 years – struggled with CFS, fibromyalgia, inflamed joints, diverticulitis, hypothyroid and severe low back pain – all complicated by menopause. During this odyssey, conventional medicine offered me nothing but painful existence leaving me exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Today, 9 month of Dr. Frodermann’s integrative healthcare have given me my mobility and all but alleviated my back pain and balanced my body’s response to stress. Her relationship and care enabled her to unravel the source of my problems and address them at the core. She is a highly skilled physician and an intuitively compassionate healer.”

With gratitude and appreciation,


“Dr. Sheila, I just wanted to let you know I did great in Surgery.  I took oxycodone only  because they gave it to me in the hospital.  I didn’t even fill the prescription and I am doing fine on Tylenol and Advil.  I also had no nausea.  I  just so appreciate  your guidance.  Your recommendations really helped me get thru surgery.”

Sincerely H.S.

“Dr. Frodermann I am writing to let you know I am so incredibly happy!  I got my first menstrual cycle, where I was almost completely pain free.  This has not happened to me in 15 years.  I was actually in tears because I could not believe I am able to go to work and function as a normal human being.  I was able to get my work done!  You cannot even imagine the difference you made in my life.”

Lauren A.