Family Healthcare

Providence Wholistic Healthcare offers natural medicine for the whole family addressing both acute and chronic health issues in children, adult & elderly clients. Dr. Frodermann and Dr. Kaz use dietary counseling, clinical nutrition, botanical medicines, homeopathic medicines, bodywork and/or mind-body medicine to promote health and wellness in their clients. Our acupuncturist, Carol Seng, uses Five-Element Chinese Medicine and Kiiko-Style Acupuncture to promote health and wellness. The clinic also offers Bowenwork and Reiki for those who prefer a needle-less body therapy.

Lifestyle & Nutritional Counseling

Our practitioners provide guidance toward maximizing one’s personal health while striving to outweigh inherited health risks. Drs. Frodermann and Kaz offer an individual based health assessment by reviewing your present health issues, past medical history, lifestyle choices, family history, and laboratory assessments such as blood work or pathology reports. You will be counseled regarding making improvements in your diet, nutritional intake, exercise, and stress management. Other natural therapies such as botanical or homeopathic medicines or body therapy may also be recommended. If you are using drug medications, counseling regarding drug-nutrient and drug-herb interactions and depletions are additionally assessed.

If you would like to see an acupuncturist, Carol Seng offers a health assessment from the Five-Element Chinese medical paradigm. She counsels clients on diet, lifestyle choices and stress management, and offers treatments using Kiiko-style Acupuncture.

Laboratory Tests

Along with providing conventional medical tests, we provide various types of functional and specialized testing through professional lab companies. These specialized tests include cardiovascular risk factors, digestive function, food sensitivities, vitamin/mineral levels, hormone function, neurotransmitter levels, genetic predispositions, and environmental toxicities.

Tests we provide:

  • GI Health & Stool/microbiome/parasites
  • Adrenal and Hormone
  • Neurotransmitter
  • Genetics
  • Nutrients
  • Food sensitivities
  • Mineral and heavy metals




Chronic Disease

Drs. Frodermann and Dr. Kaz practice integrative naturopathic medicine and will work with your primary care providers for a superior team-management approach towards health improvements. The doctors are trained and versed in a wide-spectrum of alternative & conventional assessments and therapies, and utilize a personalized approach toward optimizing long-term health & quality of life for all clients living with chronic issues: allergies, asthma, autoimmune issues, cancer, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, recurrent infections, degenerative neurological disease, chronic pain, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and many others.

Acute & Seasonal Illnesses

For established clients, we offer natural alternatives to drug therapies to address and correct your acute health problems: colds, flu, sinusitis, allergies, coughs, respiratory complaints, sprains & strains, stomach upsets, diarrhea, and more.

Complementary Surgical Support

Drs. Frodermann and Kaz offer pre- and post-surgical nutritional & homeopathic support to assist you in maximizing healing and minimizing side effects & scarring when surgical intervention is a necessary choice. Counseling regarding drug-nutrient and drug-herb interactions are highlighted.

Educational Forums

Dr. Frodermann has lectured for over two decades on many health topics including: peri-menopause & natural menopause options, bio-identical hormones, complementary/natural cancer support, natural support for patients living with Multiple Sclerosis, environmental illnesses, anti-aging nutrition, anxiety & depression, lifestyle and nutritional support for children & adults with ADHD, seasonal allergies, spring detox programs, natural ‘home’ remedies, herbal therapies, and homeopathy.

Dr. Kaz is available for wellness lectures on various health topics. Stayed tuned for lectures on Nutrigenomics- tailoring personalized nutrition to genetics.