Naturopathic Medicine

New patient naturopathic office visits are between 1.25-1.5 hours.  Dr. Frodermann will review your health issues, symptoms, lifestyle and dietary habits, past health history, and any laboratory test results you bring to the visit.

All new patients are requested to bring a list of daily nutritional supplements (or a photocopy of the labels) and a copy of, at least, the last two-year’s laboratory/bloodwork reports, with the appropriate completed health intake forms, which you will find at this website under “forms”.

Your visit will conclude with a comprehensive plan of recommendations toward addressing your health complaints and improving your overall well-being.  Further laboratory testing such as a Functional Nutritional Evaluation, Food Sensitivity Test, Gastrointestinal Health Panel, Adrenal and Hormonal Evaluations, Nutritional and Heavy Metal Analysis, or conventional blood test may be recommended.

Subsequent naturopathic follow-up visits are usually 1/2 –1 hour, and are scheduled to 1) monitor your progress, 2) adjust treatment protocols, 3) review your lab results, 4) refine dietary and lifestyle changes, 5) discuss new issues, and/or 6) address a new acute health problem. These visits serve to provide you with expert guidance along your ongoing journey toward optimizing your health and achieving your health goals.


Bowenwork is scheduled for 1 hour-1 ¼ hour sessions, where you will receive this gentle, holistic body balancing therapy. Bowenwork is ideal to treat chronic or acute physical issues and can be effective for issues that have not yet responded to other physical therapeutics. Treatment time is approximately 1 hour, and is ideally scheduled weekly for 4-10 consecutive sessions, and conducted separately from naturopathic consults.

You can access all Client Intake & Health Forms below.

Please print the relevant form, complete the intake & bring it with you to your first office visit. Although lengthy, the form can be filled out within 30 minutes. It is necessary to complete this form prior to coming to your appointment. Please bring a complete list of medications and supplements including brand and dose. (Alternately, you may choose to bring photos of the front and back labels on your smartphone, or bring your ‘sack’ of your bottles to review with the doctor).

(Note: You will need the free Abode Acrobat Reader, most likely already on your computer. If not already installed, download the Acrobat Reader installer.)


All patients are responsible for payment of their service and medicinal charges. Payment is expected at the time of service. For your convenience we do accept Mastercard/Visa


Please note we are NOT an emergency medical clinic; we do not treat acute emergency care. Please contact your nearest emergency room or dial 911.  Once evaluated by a medical doctor, should you wish to choose alternative or complementary options for your condition, please call for an appointment. Dr. Frodermann will discuss this option with you.